P was Akshay Kumar’s film named Laxmmi Bomb? Makers share the story: Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Laxmi Bomb’ has been mired in controversies before its release. With ‘Laxmi Bomb’ being accused of promoting love jihad, there has been a ruckus about the name of this film. Demand for banning Akshay’s Laxmi Bomb is rising on social media. Meanwhile, the director of the film has told a story about the title of Lakshmi Bomb.

P was Laxmi Bomb title kept?
Laxmi Bomb South is a remake of the film Kanchana. At the same time, because both are the directors of the film, in such a situation, questions arose P Kanchana’s name was changed to Laxmi Bomb in the Hindi remake. Now during a news portal interview, director Raghava Lawrence has answered this. They say- Our Tamil film was named after the character Kanchana Men. Kanchana means gold. Now gold is also a form of Lakshmi. In such a situation, while we were making a Hindi remake of the film, the same thing was going on in the mind that the name should be such that with which even the Hindi speakers can relate. Hence the term Laxmi was used in the film title.

P a film made on Kinnar community?
At the same time, because Akshay’s character in the film is shown to be very strong, in the film title, Laxmi with Bombay was also added and the film’s name became Laxmi Bomb. By the way, Raghava Lawrence also believes that he has long wanted to create a story around the Kinnar community. They say- I run a trust. Then some people from the Kinnar community asked for help from me. When I heard his story, I felt that his story should be conveyed to everyone through the film.

In such a situation, Raghava Lawrence has now told the story behind the film title, G has not spoken on the controversy about it. He has told P the film has been named Laxmi Bomb, G did not say anything on the allegation that Mata Lakshmi is being insulted through the film. Now during the release, whether the film has to face any kind of trouble or not is a big question in itself. P was Akshay Kumar’s film named Laxmmi Bomb? Makers share the story

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