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Special Covid-19 iOS 13.5 update for iPhone is deployed

iOS 13.5 is deployed, this is an update that introduces two important new features related to the Covid-19. A change in the behavior of Face ID and the Exposure Notification APIs for contact tracing apps.

The iOS 13.5 update has just been rolled out to all compatible iPhones worldwide, a special Covid-19 update. Indeed, it integrates the tools which are used for compatible contact tracing applications but it also adapts the operation of unlocking the iPhone with a mask.

Unlocking the iPhone made easier if you wear a mask

This update weighs approximately 400 MB and requires at least 50% battery to be applied. The first change, which you will notice if you wear a mask, is the change in behavior of Face ID. The system can detect that you are wearing a mask and will allow you to directly access the unlocking system via code.

As we explained in this article, it also integrates the tools and APIs (API Exposure Notification) used by compatible contact tracing apps, which is not the case with the StopCovid app developed in France. The configuration of exposure notifications is only available if you have installed a compatible application.

iOS 13 also brings a lot of various fixes, including the addition of a function on FaceTime: it is finally possible to deactivate the dynamic display of thumbnails during video conversations.

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