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REPLAY #LMAC – Maeva Ghennam in tears, Kevin Guedj in panic …

During episode 61 of the Marseillais in the Caribbean, Maeva Ghennam argued with Julien Tanti. And the young woman does not intend to stop there. She goes to see the young man to tell him that she is sincere with Greg contrary to what he thinks. Seeing that the situation is causing grief to Maeva Ghennam, Julien Tanti returns to his words. He believes it. Thereafter, it is Kevin Guedj who makes a declaration of love to Maeva. Something to make her cry. For her part, Nacca explains to Océane that he no longer wants to take the lead with her. For Julien Tanti, Nacca will be happier with Eloïse … He thinks that Océane is always attracted by Benjamin Samat.

Kevin Guedj
Kevin Guedj

Meanwhile, Victoria opens her heart to Paga … She is in love with him! Paga is touched, but he wants to take his time. And he asks Victoria to speak with Julien Tanti, since he doubts his sincerity. Vivi is quick to do so. But Julien is afraid that once in Marseille, she will forget Paga … Back at the villa, Nacca and Océane decide to spend the night together. Eloise does not GPN well and she intends to settle her accounts with Nacca. Kevin Guedj, he is in complete stress at the idea of ​​asking Carla in marriage. He wants everything to be perfect! Tomorrow, Océane will leave the adventure. But before, find out if you know Nicolas Tanti well.

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