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Paul (12 midday shots) surprise joker in Who wants to earn millions, Camille Combal makes him a proposal

The game continues on TF1 to hope to obtain a maximum of money for associations. This Wednesday evening, Chris Marques hoped to beat the record of Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Nathalie Marquay in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ? The sum of 50,000 euros had to be exceeded, but the famous dancer had some difficulties to the point of asking for help from … Paul, great champion of 12 noon shots. Its objective: to guarantee the level of 12,000 euros. “He’s smart (…) The next step is called Bernard Pivot”, gently laughs Camille Combal. With such a joker, impossible to miss … or almost.

“I’m not too much of a star”

“I’m very happy to have you on the phone. Paul, you’ll have to come and play with us!”, launch Camille Combal on the phone, delighted with this meeting, while the champion defends himself: “Me with pleasure, but I’m not too much of a star”. “No no but say, we are happy to have a lot of personalities. You are also well known, I believe that simply TF1 has not yet invited you for fear that you will leave with the 300,000, but we will make you come”, retorts with humor the host of TF1.

Paul soon in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?

A proposal that seems to please Paul. “Maybe it will be a good experience anyway. It would be my great pleasure. I just hope I can be of service to Chris”, explains the champion of 12 noon shots who won’t have time to prove himself. The wildcard time ended before Paul could even give a semblance of an answer. It is therefore alone and without a joker that Chris Marques finally gave the correct answer and validated his 12,000 euros; but he will not go further in the game … For his part, Paul has every chance of climbing the pay scale easily if he participates in the show.

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