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Huawei’s problems will be very beneficial for these competitors

As we often say, the problems of some make the happiness of others.

Information that United States Still daring to excommunicate Huawei from TSMC chips was a shock to millions of fans around the world. However, Chinese society itself has reacted fairly calmly, assuring that a way out of this difficult situation will be found. It is believed that other companies will only profit from the troubles that have hit Huawei.

Thus, Samsung and Apple can count on the growing popularity of their devices. But compatriots Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi, who are among the 10 largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, are most likely to strengthen their market positions. They can redistribute a certain market share from Huawei, which he will lose this year.

Huawei she herself does not hide the fact that this year will be difficult for her, she must above all survive the bad weather. And in this situation, smartphone sales are put directly in the background. The company predicts that smartphone shipments will be cut by at least 20%.

It is possible to compensate for serious losses in the global market by increasing sales of 5G smartphones in the domestic market. The demand for such devices has recently increased significantly in China and Huawei occupies a decent niche in this segment of 5G devices.

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