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Huawei has released the stable version of the Huawei Search app now under the name of “Petal Search”

Huawei presents a new solution to install third-party applications on Huawei phones without Google services, Petal Search will help you.

The United States chose the power option to massacre Huawei. But the ban on working with Google did not bring the company to its knees, it showed character and began to develop HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) to replace the services of Google. The system itself is still far from perfect, but it is already more or less applicable and is likely to compete with the products of Google.

More and more fans of Huawei are not afraid of the lack of familiar services, they are ready to believe in it and give a chance to the HMS. For its part, the Chinese company does not want to disappoint the fans and is actively working on alternative services of the “good company“.

Huawei has officially launched Petal Search, a brand search engine which is now available in AppGallery. The beta version of the utility was announced last February as Huawei Search and now has a stable version called Petal search.

Huawei Petal Search

The Chinese claim that Petal search allows you to search for and download Android apps to your device from AppGallery or third-party sources, and provides even more flexibility in finding compatible utilities. The Huawei brand search engine will not only allow you to quickly find the right application, but also to consult the main news, weather forecasts, search and book hotel or plane rooms. Petal Search is compatible with the theme EMUI 10 and dark mode.

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