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Ezekiel shouldn’t die in season 11 of The Walking Dead and that’s why

Speculation continues pending the broadcast of the last episode of season 10 of The Walking Dead on OCS – which we have decidedly waited with more impatience than all the other final seasons of the series. Today we are interested in Ezekiel and the fact that, contrary to what one might think given his condition in season 10, there is ultimately little chance that he will die in the next episodes. Indeed it was recently discovered that the former king of the Kingdom suffers from thyroid cancer, cancer which would not be fatal to him if he were in the “normal” world endowed with the necessary hospital means.

The trio meet Princess
The trio meet Princess

Alexandria may be a well-equipped community, it does not have the equipment to treat a tumor, but could other communities be better equipped? And wouldn’t the Commonwealth, with its thousands of inhabitants, be the place most likely to have the means to save Ezekiel? This is clearly what we think, and it is in particular one of the reasons which could have pushed the scriptwriters to put Ezekiel on the road with Eugene and Yumiko in season 10 of The Walking Dead. The trio is quite unusual in terms of affinities but from the point of view of the plot, each of them has a reason for wanting to leave Alexandria : Yumiko because of his break up with Magna, Eugene to go get Stephanie and Ezekiel because a better future surely awaits him. What give hope to fans of the character who has probably not said his last word.

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