Drug Case: NCB interrogation of Rakul preet ended, Rakul preet confesses to talk of drugs chat with Rhea Chakraborty: The drug case trap in Bollywood is growing. The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has started its own investigation into the drug connection in Bollywood. The NCB has summoned Sara Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor, Rakulpreet Singh for questioning after several prominent personalities have been named in the drugs case. Today Rakulpreet Singh appeared before the NCB in connection with the drugs connection. He denied taking drugs or being in contact with a drug peddler, G confessed to a chat with Riya. Apart from this, interrogation of Deepika Padukone and the manager of Kwan Talent Agency is going on. Recently, drugs chat of Deepika and Karishma Prakash was revealed. In this, Karishma was talking about giving a hash to Deepika. Read updates related to it here-

Rakulpreet confesses chat with Riya
NCB interrogation of Rakulpreet Singh in drugs case is over. The bureau will now proceed to interrogate Karishma Prakash. Rakul and Karishma were also questioned face to face. According to sources Rakulpreet has refused to take drugs. He also denied being in contact with a drug peddler. He confessed to the drugs chat talk with Riya in 2018.

Inquiry with Assistant Director of Dharma Production
NCB is interrogating Dharma Production’s Assistant Director Anubhav Chopra. Anubhav Chopra is close to Kshitij Prasad. Kshitij is on the NCB’s radar regarding the drug case. He is accused of purchasing drugs from drug peddlers.

Karishma Prakash reached NCB office
Deepika Padukone’s manager Karishma Prakash has reached the SIT office of NCB. He has been summoned by the Narcotics Control Bureau to join the investigation into the drugs case.

Rakulpreet reached NCB Guest House
Rakulpreet has reached the NCB Guest House. The bureau team will interrogate him regarding the drugs connection. NCB has chats related to Rakul’s drugs. The actress is believed to be making a big reveal. Riya Chakraborty named Rakulpreet during questioning.

Karisma will be questioned after Rakulpreet
After Rakulpreet, NCB will interrogate Karishma Prakash. They are expected to reach lunch time. Karishma is the manager of Deepika Padukone. Drug chats between the two were revealed.

Raids are being conducted in three places in Mumbai
Teams from the Zonal Unit of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) are conducting raids at three different locations in Mumbai.

NCB will interrogate Rakulpreet Singh
NCB called actress Rakulpreet Singh for questioning on Thursday. However, he refused to receive summons. Later, bureau officials went to his house and handed him a summons. After which he spoke about getting summons. Rakulpreet returned to Mumbai from Hyderabad last night. Drug Case: NCB interrogation of Rakul preet ended, Rakul preet confesses to talk of drugs chat with Rhea Chakraborty

Saif Ali Khan arrives at Pataudi village with Timur-Kareena, daughter Sara Ali Khan is involved in drugs case

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