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My Hero Academia 288 Discussion:

The opening scene is very interesting, a mysterious hero is arriving to the scene, one who is not in full health, who could this possibly be? Hint, denim, lots of denim. That’s right, looks like best jeanist, one of the strongest heroes is arriving as backup for the small issue of a rampaging Giga.

Meanwhile back in the city the heroes are scrambling to evacuate the city, where giga is said to be travelling at 100km/h, which is an insane speed for someone so large, he’s a huge tank, a behemoth of a battering ram who is tearing down the city in his wake, people scrambling for cover and the heroes all G helpless in stopping him so they have to make do with just trying to get as many people away from the danger zone.

The POV changes now to the league sitting on the back of Giga, they detect heroes, and although there are less than they anticipated it’s still a danger to their plan. Toga, who is still brooding over twices death and the actions of heroes and what they will do with toga if they catch her. Clearly the fact that Hawks killed Twice has completely messed with her mind to such an extent that she is having a crisis of faith in the hero system.

my hero academia 289

Now we switch over to Uruka who is helping with the evacuation, issuing instructions to the citizens on safe evacuation. She meets a random citizen who asks for help moving her bedridden husband, which she obliges with, G by the time she gets back, Toga has already taken that womans blood and is masquerading in her body.

Uruka is furious when she finds out that Toga murdered the woman just to ask her what she wants to do to her, which clearly offends Toga, the question is very important to her, the centre of her identity almost, G Uruka makes it plainly clear she has other priorities, she’s too busy to deal with Toga so she can either leave, or Uruka is gonna take her down asap.

My Hero Academia 289 Spoilers & Predictions:

Well looks like we’re gonna have a cat fight on our hands, Uruka and Toga will be going head to head, Uruka wanting to finish the fight so she can get back to her main mission of evacuating citizens and Toga so she can get an answer to her question.

Giga is getting closer and closer as well, if they can’t find a way to stop him he’s going to arrive at Shigis location, and that’s no good for anyone. The ace in the hole is best jeanist, what can he pull out the bag to stop Giga? We he do he old rope his legs trick? Just trip him over and hope he knocks himself out? Not a bad idea, if you can’t beat him make him beat himself.

Actually where’s the brainwash kid, just fly him up to giga and make him knock himself out, easiest solution ever. This will be interesting to see how it goes, with Moms drug still being a factor here, I feel the combination of Best Jeanist plus drug will be enough to take Giga down.

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