On Saturday’s episode, when Bigg Boss gave power to all the GPN to decide whether Nikki Tamboli would be a confirmed contestant or to be confirmed, the family counted Nikki’s shortcomings. Jasmine said that Nikki should not be a confirmed member, because her tongue is dirty. She changes her personality daily and her true color is very dirty. Rubina and Abhinav also said that Nikki does not display the tag of the confirmed member. The twist in the story was that Nikki’s close-knit Jan Kumar Sanu and Nishant Malkani also pointed out Nikki’s flaws.

Jan Kumar Sanu says that Nikki has an ego after being confirmed, while Nishant says that Nikki is selfish. Meanwhile, there is no consensus among the family members on whether Nikki should be a confirmed member. Bigboss takes a decision on this and lets Nikki remain a member of the team.

Along with this twist, Big Boss has also played a strong game inside. In fact, a group was formed between Nikki Tamboli, Nishant Malkani, Rahul Vaidya and Pavithra in the show. G in this task, when everyone lost their loopholes to Nikki, this group started to disintegrate.

In the upcoming episode, Salman Khan will get angry on Rubina Dilac. Rubina Dilac will refuse to be part of a process given by Bigg Boss. In this way, being disrespected by Bigg Boss, host Salman Khan will get angry on him.

In the promo released, Salman is seen saying to Rubina, ‘If you say that, we get everything to be provided to you, brother.’ Rubina speaks in the middle, ‘I have to be scolded for my point of view and…’ Before Rubina says the whole thing, Salman stops her in the middle and says, “I am talking to you with a lot of humor.” I am not a contestant here. This is wrong and this is going to overwhelm you. ‘

Meanwhile, there has been news about Eviction that Jan Kumar Sanu will be homeless this week. He got the fewest votes. It is being speculated that Abhinav Shukla may also be evicted simultaneously. Well, this will be revealed tonight, ie on October 18, in Weekend Ka Vaar.

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